Mothers Who Inspire – Alex and Olive

Collegiate mom Alex, and baby

Mothers Who Inspire

For as long as Alex Spivey can remember she wanted to be a doctor. When other little children dreamed of being teachers, pilots, or actresses, Alex was determined to be a physician.

She enrolled at Ole Miss and pursued undergraduate studies in BioMed. Her senior year, she secured an medical internship at UMC in Jackson, MS and was one step closer to her dreams. Then “life” hit.

As it often does, life tossed Alex’s plans in the air and she was left to pick up the pieces. Just weeks before college graduation Alex discovered she was pregnant. Initially, the reality didn’t sink in. In fact, Alex recalls taking five at home pregnancy tests before she came to terms with her new reality. “My initial reaction was fear,” exclaimed Alex. “I felt a bit trapped by my circumstances and I could not reconcile how at age 22 I could complete med school and be a single mother.”

Alex, ever determined to press on, kept the pregnancy a secret for months. “I was handling the specifics of my situation but not dealing with the impact,” said Alex. It was Alex’s mother who would ultimately provide Alex hope and direction. “I felt so isolated during those early months of my pregnancy. My mother encouraged me to move back home, complete my undergrad studies through online courses and settle on a path forward.”

Alex did just that. She earned her degree, enrolled in an accelerated nursing program and is currently working in the neurosurgical unit at Centennial Hospital in Nashville. Her baby, Olive, arrived in March 2018 and Alex is getting married this summer.

Biggest Hurdle: “The transition from being a college student to being a full-time single parent…knowing I was the only person responsible for Olive was daunting.”


Greatest Joy: “I laugh when I think about how stressed I was at first. I thought having a baby would ruin my lie but now I can’t picture life without her.”


Advice to Other Women: “There will always be people out there that will support you. Maybe not in the way you expect but they are still there for you. Support is invaluable.”


Ella’s House: “Had Ella’s House existed for me I would have taken advantage of it. So many people need Ella’s House in this community. Balancing the transition from student to employee and to motherhood is tough.”

Collegiate mom Alex and baby